About Tedesco

Understanding the customer is central application of the work at Tedesco Analytics. Purchase and behavior decision made by customers is a complex undertaking. Information from a vast range of sources will influence the final outcome of the process of decision making. These sources include all the components of a brand and its marketing as well the images, associations, and the environmental elements of individual lifestyle.

The tools of complexity science analysis: neural networks for prediction and segmentation, genetic algorithms for optimization, and artificial life simulations have a mathematical structure that does not rely on known distributions and assumed relationships in the data. Complexity science recognizes the underling dynamics of business forecasting concerns.

The market place in motion is one of the most prominent of the many advantages we hope to realize by thinking in the complexity perspective. Traditional models by their nature, provide a descriptive view of events.

Our modeling efforts in consumer behavior move to reflect the living nature of decision making. Just as the specifics of economic modeling are changing from a mechanistic point of view to a point of view actually described as organic so too should the models of marketing reflect this change.