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a complex system

Complexity Science
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Complex Systems

Example Model

Impact of Measured Media on Brand Value

Data Sources: Business Week; Advertising Age

Model Accuracy – 82%
Once a complexity model has been developed, estimates of outcome (in this case, monthly sales) are compared to the actual historical values. The accuracy metric is the Rsq of the two measures.

Model Configuration

The Model — Measured Media drives Brand Value

Simulations are the core component of a Complexity Science Communications Mix ROI model

Once a model is constructed it understands the relationship between its inputs and outputs. This relationship may be used to determine the relative influence of each distinct input on the model’s output.
The model permits analysis of the changes in brand value that would occur as a result of changes in the level of investment for a specific media channel.
Each series of simulations examines the result of systematic graduated increases and decreases in the spending level of an individual media type.

Relative impact of select drivers
this represents the proportion of influence each media channel has had on the variation in company brand value

Simulating both increases and decreases in each media channel reveals, strong potential total brand value gains with an emphasis in Cable & Spot TV and Magazine spend. There is, also substantial risk of brand value decline if Network TV or Radio is neglected.

Dynamics of changes in investment to Cable TV networks.
Assuming all other media remains at historic levels, a modest increase in spending on Cable networks will provide an lift in total brand value. More substantial spending increases have no impact.

Dynamics of changes in investment to Magazine.
Assuming all other media remains at historic levels, increasing spending in Magazines will provide an almost linear lift in total brand value.

Segmentation summary

Social trends segmentation
consumer map

Social trends segmentation

Anatomy of a trend